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The history of the mountain guides of Trentino goes back to the origin of the dolomitic mountaineering, when the main figures were English, German, Austrian mountaineers and local mountain guides. The profession of mountain guide has transformed over the years: in the beginning, around the end of the XIX century, they were just helping wealthy aristocratic people willing to bind their names to peaks or rock faces. Nowadays a Mountain Guide is a professional figure, who knows a lot not only among the technical aspects of the mountain, but also among the naturalistic, cultural and ethnographic ones. Besides that, mountain guides have written and are still writing the most important pages in the history of mountaineering, all over the world.

logo - Collegio Guide AlpineThe committee that prepares all mountain guides to their future profession is, in the Trentino, the Collegio Provinciale delle Guide Alpine del Trentino. Nowadays, there are more or less 200 mountain guides active in the Trentino region, divided into 12 Mountaineering Schools or Guide Teams.

Basically every valley of the Trentino holds a Team of Guide or a Mountaineering School, so that it is always possible to find the best solution.

Together with the Mountain Guides, the “professionals of the mountains”, a day-hike, a climb, anything related to the mountain, will be an unforgettable experience.
Every year we propose a wide range of activities, both daily or weekly, to suit anybody, especially those who are just getting in touch with beauty of the mountain.

Easy walkings through our natural parks, hikes, mountaineering trips, rock and ice climbing: in any of these activities the Mountain Guides, who are also Natural park Guides, can lead you to the discovering of an unexpected world of nature and cultural aspects.

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