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Becoming a mountain guide

In the Trentino province the profession of “Mountain Guide – Mountaineering Instructor” is regulated by a very selective provincial law, which states the standards for anyone who wishes to enter and practise this profession.

Becoming a Mountain Guide is far from being easy. A first selection accepts only the applicants who hold a significant mountaineering experience (rock-climbing and ice-climbing, ski-mountaineering, high-altitude mountaineering); a second selection involves four sessions of practice, focused on mountaineering knowledge and both classical and modern techniques.

Furthermore, a Committee of Guide judges the candidates and admits to the training course only the selected ones. The training course covers all mountaineering activities, from rock-climbing to skiing, from ice-climbing to high-altitude rescue, in addiction to theoretical teachings. The Trentino region, together with the Alto Adige and the Valle d'Aosta, are the only Italian regions where the courses are held annually.

When the course ends – it lasts for 85 days throughout a year, with daily examinations and final judgements – the applicants become “Mountain Guide Apprentices”. After three years of apprenticeship and further examinations, they finally get the “Mountain Guide – Mountaineering Instructor” patent. The qualification lasts for life, but to practise they must be registered to the professional board and take regular refresher courses any four years, at least.

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