Corso Ghiacciaio e Alta Montagna

From € 1700

Level Easy

Duration 2 days

Zone Val di Sole

To climb the most beautiful mountains, it’s necessary to cross steep and extended glaciers. This course aims to teach you how to step on these terrains in the correct (and safe!) way, by using effective progression and belay’s techniques.

Technical description

Basic course, for beginners who want to start approaching high altitude mountaineering.

The activity will take place at Passo del Tonale

During the course we will learn:

  • progression techniques with crampons
  • how to use the ice axe, knots
  • belay and self-belay’s techniques
  • anchors and rescue from crevasses
  • how to orientate yourself on a glacier


  • harness
  • helmet
  • boots
  • crampons
  • ice axes
  • sunglasses
  • limited food supply
  • k-way
  • water bottle
  • small backpack
  • change of underwear
  • gloves
  • bonnet


Individual fee – 1 person 600 euros, 2 people 320 euros, 3 people 230 euros, 4 people 200 euros, 5 people 150 euros (per person).

Included in the price: crampons, ice axe, helmet and harness if needed.

The cost of the ski lift is not included in the price


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