Rope access services

In addition to accompanying in mountaineering activities, hiking and teaching activities, our Alpine Guides take care of professional rope access techniques and works such as:

  • Maintenance of iron paths and via ferratas
  • Crags maintenance interventions
  • Rock scaling and logging works
  • Controlled felling of tall and medium-sized trees

Both with cut at the base and with disassembly from above to avoid damage to surrounding property or structures.

  • Pruning, with tree-climbing system that allows you to eliminate the dry or pruned plants of high and medium stems, with minimal damage to the plant, whether ornamental or valuable.
  • Snow clearing from roofs (when necessary, through the use of fall arrest ropes)
  • Small carpentry work / maintenance by positioning ropes.

Our guides are trained and authorized to work in altitude with a special license to be in charge of ACCESS AND POSITIONING SYSTEMS BY ROPES (Annex XXI of Legislative Decree 81/2008) and for the professional use of the chainsaw as per art. 71, 72 and 73 Legislative Decree 81/2008.

We also collaborate with the Trentino Guides Cooperative where we followed the training process for authorizations for work in altitude.