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Stelvio National Park Guides

Guida ParcoStelvio National Park can be visited through its many paths which start from the bottom of the valleys, bringing to the highest peaks. Passes, valleys, extensive glaciers: everything will lead you to the highest and spectacular places.

Since many years, the Mountain guides which are working in the Park's territory live in its environment, climb its mountain, discover the secret places it hides. The passion of mountain and the years of experience all over the Alps grew us into professionals who are not only aware of the best places to visit, but also gave us the ability to choose, each time, the best fitting excursion for each visitor. Beside the technical aspects of the profession, confirmed by the International Mountain Guide Patent, we hold also the patent of National Park Guides, which states our competence in the natural and anthropic aspects of Stelvio National Park.

Loghi: Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, Parco Naturale Adamello brenta, Apt Valli di Sole Pejo e Rabbi, Trentino Spa

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